6th Day…

So ive been here 6 days.

Lots has changed, or is about too. My friend arrived! Relieved. Immediately things started to change. Within 2hrs i have a moped and a local sim/phone number. Im still yet to find a phone for the sim to work. To get the sim we paid around 25000. So you shouldnt have to pay more. I would like to put more info about where we got the sim, but i was following her on a scooter and it was all i could do just to stay on the road and not hit anything!

Again, i would also like to give you more info on where i got the scooter, but she took me around a maze of back streets (which are called gangs) to pick the scooter up. I paid 600,000 (about 2dollers a day) This will cover me for the month. I need her to show me where this place is, so i can either return or renew the bike for another month… Providing i last that long.

On a side note.. Life is coming to an end in the hotel and as i was coming down the life i happened to bump into Aidan Hartley, a channel 4 documentary maker. I asked what he was doing in Bali and told me he was reporting on the sacrificing of Balinese Turtles for ceremonies. Good luck Aidan.

My first introduction to the Bali road system was hairy to say the least!! From what i can gather… There are no fucking rules! Im not a stranger to riding a motobike, in fact i have been riding bikes since i was 16. But never on roads like this. It is so ingrained in me to give way to on coming traffic and the good old British highway code, that this was a total shock. No one seems to give way to anyone.. But only in a hap-hazzard, i was here first way! Crossing a 4way junction literally blew my mind. My friend seemed to take this in her stride. The one rule i found works…. If you find a space, its yours. This seems to work.

So, …. More to follow.. My friend has just turned up.





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