A few days out..

OK, so ive not writen for a few days.. Just spent most of the time getting know a little more about Kuta and a night here in the hotel bar.

Ive walked the ‘tourist’ road up and down from my hotel to the main Kuta drag a few times now. There are 3 things that you get asked every few seconds. 1. ‘massaaaagge?’ – from all the girls that hang out on the street. 2. ‘You want bike?’, this seems to be from ANY guy just hanging out (They also slip in an odd ‘How about girl…good price’ sometimes) 3. ‘Taxi’- This also seems to come from any guy hanging out. This is also accompanied by the constant beeping every few seconds by the hundreds of cabs that pass.

I know the local people here are only trying to make a living.. its normal. However, i seem to fit into every demographic they are looking for! White (pastie), young(ish), male and western! I fit the bill for anything they can throw at me! For e.g, as i was walking home i followed a Korean couple. Now, the only thing they were getting touted for was a cab.. I didnt hear anyone shouting ‘Massssssaaaaage’ to them! Or ‘You want bike….or maybe girl?’







Unfortunately, because of my age, sex and origin. Anything goes!

I’d still rather be here than my front room.


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