Took a walk

Decided to take a walk today.. Get out.. Explore.. Kinda.

Walked to the Discovery Mall on the main road into Kuta. Not far from my hotel. Hot day, the sun will burn right through a t-shirt! I actually came back sun burnt having not taking my top off!

However, 2nd day in, and Bali is still overwhelming. The sights, sounds and smells are like an assault on the senses!! Its like ive been hit in the face by a big bag of Indo! So walking there you get the usual, touts from people in shops wanting you to stop and buy things, girls shouting “Masssssaggge… I give u good price yah” and Taxi’s beeping at you for custom every few seconds. Awesome. I have no idea how long im going to survive this.. Still.. Its better than sitting in my front room watching JJ and life passing me by!

The Discovery Mall is huge! Its a full on Weston style mall, 4 floors (3 upper and 1 lower) with a food court on the 3rd. The place is great. Obviously caters for the tourist market and why not. Looks great and gave me a little break getting used to the island even if it was hugely commercial. However, this is not what i came to Bali for. Looking fwd to seeing more of the traditional side. If it still exists here?


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