And so on..

Ok, so after feeling like death after a flight i hate, i arrive at the hotel just wanting to throw myself in the shower and relax in a nice room. Bali is overwhelming having come from 6 straight months in a front room in Dorset!

Get my room key! Yes! Get to the room. NO! They are remodeling the stairs in the hotel and my room happens to be right next to those stairs. Spray paint and dust was so bad i could hardly see my door!

Back down stairs i go. Please change my room. Which they did. My new room has no window. Jeezus. This is not what i wanted after nearly traveling for 24hrs!

I agree to this room on the priviso i get a room with a window tomorrow. Right now i just want to sleep!

Feeling lagged, tired and slightly like… what the fuck am i doing! Laters.


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