April 9, 2011

Ok. Im still here!! 22 days and counting!

OK, so i never thought i would last this long!! My friend is still here and still showing me ‘the ropes’ as it were.

Lots to write about about, i simply havent had the time to write anything. Just getting used to my enviroment, learning the language and still trying to stay safe on the bike!


Just a quick one on this… I mentioned earlier that i had been riding bikes/mopeds since i was 15/16 etc. Well this is nothing here. These guys literally grow up on peds! I see kids as young as 7- 9 riding out here and kids as soon as they can stand are on the front of a ped without a helmet! Its second nature to them and they are good riders. I find its the ex-pats that take most of the risks and nearly cause most of the accidents!

Ok, more later. New place, places ive eaten, places ive drank and got drunk, clubs ive seen and Yoga!

Bye for now 😀

March 24, 2011

6th Day…

So ive been here 6 days.

Lots has changed, or is about too. My friend arrived! Relieved. Immediately things started to change. Within 2hrs i have a moped and a local sim/phone number. Im still yet to find a phone for the sim to work. To get the sim we paid around 25000. So you shouldnt have to pay more. I would like to put more info about where we got the sim, but i was following her on a scooter and it was all i could do just to stay on the road and not hit anything!

Again, i would also like to give you more info on where i got the scooter, but she took me around a maze of back streets (which are called gangs) to pick the scooter up. I paid 600,000 (about 2dollers a day) This will cover me for the month. I need her to show me where this place is, so i can either return or renew the bike for another month… Providing i last that long.

On a side note.. Life is coming to an end in the hotel and as i was coming down the life i happened to bump into Aidan Hartley, a channel 4 documentary maker. I asked what he was doing in Bali and told me he was reporting on the sacrificing of Balinese Turtles for ceremonies. Good luck Aidan.

My first introduction to the Bali road system was hairy to say the least!! From what i can gather… There are no fucking rules! Im not a stranger to riding a motobike, in fact i have been riding bikes since i was 16. But never on roads like this. It is so ingrained in me to give way to on coming traffic and the good old British highway code, that this was a total shock. No one seems to give way to anyone.. But only in a hap-hazzard, i was here first way! Crossing a 4way junction literally blew my mind. My friend seemed to take this in her stride. The one rule i found works…. If you find a space, its yours. This seems to work.

So, …. More to follow.. My friend has just turned up.




March 23, 2011

A few days out..

OK, so ive not writen for a few days.. Just spent most of the time getting know a little more about Kuta and a night here in the hotel bar.

Ive walked the ‘tourist’ road up and down from my hotel to the main Kuta drag a few times now. There are 3 things that you get asked every few seconds. 1. ‘massaaaagge?’ – from all the girls that hang out on the street. 2. ‘You want bike?’, this seems to be from ANY guy just hanging out (They also slip in an odd ‘How about girl…good price’ sometimes) 3. ‘Taxi’- This also seems to come from any guy hanging out. This is also accompanied by the constant beeping every few seconds by the hundreds of cabs that pass.

I know the local people here are only trying to make a living.. its normal. However, i seem to fit into every demographic they are looking for! White (pastie), young(ish), male and western! I fit the bill for anything they can throw at me! For e.g, as i was walking home i followed a Korean couple. Now, the only thing they were getting touted for was a cab.. I didnt hear anyone shouting ‘Massssssaaaaage’ to them! Or ‘You want bike….or maybe girl?’







Unfortunately, because of my age, sex and origin. Anything goes!

I’d still rather be here than my front room.

March 21, 2011

3rd Day..Hotel still in tact.

Woke up to the sound of the little man wanting to clean my room.

Hotel still standing and i didnt find myself surfing a Tsunami on my mattress last night after last nights earthquake.

Im off to Kuta.

On a side note. Im sure the free breakfast here is giving me the shits!

March 21, 2011

2nd Night. Earthquake. Nice.

Ok, so my second night in Bali started a little shaky. Mainly due to the fact that we were hit by a 4.7 earthquake in the middle of the night.

Here are the details:

After whats just happened in Japan… I was more than a little nervous at 12.30am!! My first thought was head to the fucking roof! Tsunami!!

March 21, 2011

Took a walk

Decided to take a walk today.. Get out.. Explore.. Kinda.

Walked to the Discovery Mall on the main road into Kuta. Not far from my hotel. Hot day, the sun will burn right through a t-shirt! I actually came back sun burnt having not taking my top off!

However, 2nd day in, and Bali is still overwhelming. The sights, sounds and smells are like an assault on the senses!! Its like ive been hit in the face by a big bag of Indo! So walking there you get the usual, touts from people in shops wanting you to stop and buy things, girls shouting “Masssssaggge… I give u good price yah” and Taxi’s beeping at you for custom every few seconds. Awesome. I have no idea how long im going to survive this.. Still.. Its better than sitting in my front room watching JJ and life passing me by!

The Discovery Mall is huge! Its a full on Weston style mall, 4 floors (3 upper and 1 lower) with a food court on the 3rd. The place is great. Obviously caters for the tourist market and why not. Looks great and gave me a little break getting used to the island even if it was hugely commercial. However, this is not what i came to Bali for. Looking fwd to seeing more of the traditional side. If it still exists here?

March 21, 2011

Roof top pool..

Took the time to use the pool. Not bad by all accounts.

Staff seem friendly enough.

March 21, 2011

New room.

Yes! I get my new room. This is much better. Its got a window and is devoid of workmen! Get in!! However, it is situated directly underneath the pool. So yes.. Every time someone decides to jump in.. It feels like they are going to end up in my lap! However, i dont care.. Its clean and bright.

March 21, 2011

First Night..

So after a little sleep i shower, check my stuff and… obviously not look at of the window as i dont have one. Any how, i decide to get some food and maybe a beer. Off to the bar, nice. Ordered a Nasi Goerang Bali and a bottle Bintang. Pretty Balinese Live singer there singing the Girl from Ipanima. Its warm, the traffic is buzzing by, the new money confuses me, Kuta is Hectic. This is a shock to the system after the comfortable surroundings of my living room, plasma and leather sofas for the last six months. However.. I like it!

March 21, 2011

And so on..

Ok, so after feeling like death after a flight i hate, i arrive at the hotel just wanting to throw myself in the shower and relax in a nice room. Bali is overwhelming having come from 6 straight months in a front room in Dorset!

Get my room key! Yes! Get to the room. NO! They are remodeling the stairs in the hotel and my room happens to be right next to those stairs. Spray paint and dust was so bad i could hardly see my door!

Back down stairs i go. Please change my room. Which they did. My new room has no window. Jeezus. This is not what i wanted after nearly traveling for 24hrs!

I agree to this room on the priviso i get a room with a window tomorrow. Right now i just want to sleep!

Feeling lagged, tired and slightly like… what the fuck am i doing! Laters.